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Tax Preparations Services

(Individual and Business)

Tax Planning


Accounting, Inc

KSB Accounting, Inc. has a variety of clients in its portfolio representing a wide range of industries. A sampling of its clients include construction (both residential and commercial), land development, a variety of retailers and wholesalers, cemeteries and funeral homes, trust accounting, and tax returns (individual and business).

Despite the variety in our clients we find common threads. Typically, we have found that our quality and personalized service has mostly suited small to medium-sized family owned businesses, who want more than just a tax return at the end of the year, but to build and improve their businesses.

We find our clients like to keep in contact with us throughout the year, whether its when their monthly or quarterly tax forms are due or when an important financial decision needs to be made. Our clients know that each decision they make in business should be made with the right information.

We spend the time with our clients to do more than just their tax returns. We put you in total control of your business by paying attention to details such as how your business is structured, cash flow requirements and what tax filings your business should comply with.

Full Service Accounting

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